Announcement - The passing of a colleague.

We have lost a dear friend and valued colleague. Peter Watts, known to us as “Uncle”, has sadly passed away. Our grief at this time is little compared to what Peters family must be feeling and our hearts go out to them.
Peter may have driven you to or from school or to special events as he drove our 16 Seater minibus. Peter spent a large part of his life as a PSV driver and greatly enjoyed driving. As a mark of respect to Pete, the vehicle is to be named “Uncle” and will be sign written as such.


  • Kathleen cawsey:

    20 Feb 2015 15:52:46

    Thank you very much, dad will love it as he dif love his bus xx

  • mitche roberts:

    20 Feb 2015 15:55:37

    That’s a wonderful idea, what a way to respect a great uncle. Thankyou.

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